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Yoga Alliance Certified RPYT 85

7 days Prenatal yoga teacher training course     

OHANA SPACE HAWAII YOGA ACADEMY is excited to start a new prenatal yoga teacher training to support yoga teacher with the tools necessary to empower women in all stages of pregnancy during labor, birth and into motherhood through yoga.

This course is for:

Qualified yoga teachers, recent teacher training graduates, or those still continuing their yoga teacher training to specialize their growing field of prenatal/ postnatal yoga.



Pregnancy and Birthing is one of the most life changing experiences women can have in their life.

OHANA SPACE HAWAII YOGA ACADEMY offers a mixture of theory and practical exercises providing you with knowledges and tools to teach yoga to a pregnant woman and new mothers safely and confidently.



Course Contents:

  • How to set up comfortable/relaxing class settings.

  • A Basic knowledge of anatomy /physiology of the growing fetus and a body during each trimester.

  • Safe ways to support and guide the expanding body of a woman during pregnancy.

  • Methods to release emotional and physical discomfort to promote relaxations during pregnancy.

  • Explore different varieties of practices, modified asanas and their effects on laboring and birthing.

  • Advanced sequences, asana, sounding and breathing techniques.

  • Information on educating partners to be more aligned with each other.

  • Overview of stages of labor and birth.

  • Ayurvedic care for pregnancy and new motherhood.

  • Exercises and techniques to restore the pelvic floor, abdominals, and deep hip muscles for postnatal period.



Meet our lead instructor

Sayaka Blakeney

A mother of six, doula, Lactation and motherhood coach.

It is her passion to share her knowledge on how to support and empower women through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood especially from body, mind and spirit point of view.

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$2,300 (+state tax)

-Early bird discount: $1,900 + Hawaii Tax 4.712% if you apply by a month before the first day of the course*

-discounts applies for OSH YOGA ACADEMY graduates.

-Kamaaina price available.

DATE for 2020

7 Days Intensive Course




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